Friday, February 11, 2011

Iron bomb salad

Once, I bragged about my hemoglobin levels on my facebook and a (very distant) friend of mine, who runs a McDonald branch (I really hardly talk to her, she's just someone I know from university) complained that she can't understand how mine is so high and she's been anemic all these years while shoving red meat left right and center. Ever since then, my hemoglobin has become a source of hubris for me. I keep my iron sources and my calcium sources saparated almost religionsly and would suffer noddin off for hours after an iron-y meal, just because I can't drink anything caffinated yet.

My main source of iron (other than legume sprouts and leafy greens) is spirulina, which I'm getting from a lovely family in the Galile (I think) who ship 250gr bags in recycled breakfast cereals boxes. 250gr last me about three months, and since it's not even that expensive with shipping, I've got a pretty good deal. To any Israelis out there this is the website.

But the best way to make yourself absorb iron is eat it with a source of vitamin C, so that's where the salad comes in. It's a fruit salad, with at least two citrus fruits (very easy, now that it's winter time and they're in season) and this season there's also kiwifruit. Lately, I've perfected it and added some leafy greens to reel in the iron and amp the ntritional value. Here's the recipe:

Iron Bomb Salad:

1 apple
1 tangerine
1 orange/grapefruit
1 kiwifruit
1 banana
1 persimmon
2 lightly-boiled chard leafs, diced
1 celery stem, diced
leafs from 3-4 mint stems
1 hefty tablespoon raw sprirulina powder
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Dice ingredients and mix in a bowl. Ravish, yum yum. I usually have this for dinner, to top off the day.


  1. Not only goodness, your iron bomb salad also looks like its packed with a lot flavour and colour.

  2. Oh yes, it is amazingly delicious!