Wednesday, October 13, 2010

RIP Lucy ?/09/08 - 13/10/10

This morning I had to put my poor Lucy to sleep. She suffered from some form of brain damage, either a tumor or a stroke, and did not respond to medications. Last night she seemd to ahve given up life altogether.
Lucy was never a hppy rat - always neurotic and skittish, with hardly any friends and I never saw her play. She was a rescue rat and it seems the scars of her early life never left her.
At least she's not in any pain anymore.
Here is a link to a slideshow of all her pictures.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An advance in life or a current change

So, at the beginning of this week I found out that my very beloved Buddha Burger is opening a branch in a city right next door to mine AND they just to happen to be looking for workers.
Without thinking too much, I offered myself for kitchen staff hoping to get a chance to gain some actual, professional experience. Turnes out - they're hiring me, even despite my zilch experience in professional kitchen work, how nice is that?

So, what'll become of me - time would tell. Up till now I've been working in two jobs and still not scraping enough money to survive without my parents' assistance, but this job'll be able to support a modest way of life that I don't mind living at all. At least I won't be hungry LOL.

Today I've been in the mothership restaurant in Tel Aviv to gain some basic experience in the kitchen and it was fun, fun, fun (!) so it looks like all's going to be *touch wood* great! I'll be working in a vegan restaurant, can't get any more good-for-your-soul-kind-living work than that, I'm so happy.

However, since I'll be spending my lunch hours there, I probably won't be needing to cook much for myself and that means a little less recipes than usual. HOWEVER I insist on developing my own stuff, so I'll be conjuring up some dinner parties for friends and I'll be plotting some dishes of my own to bring to family meals - in short, I'll find my test subjects whether they like it or not MUHAHAHAHAHA!!

Why yes I am a bit giddy and excited, I think it's quite understandable too :)

Have a great day, rest-of-the-week and weekend everybody!!