Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome to Le Petits Chef Vegan!

Hello to all you great people who chose to poke in and see what this new blog is all about!

Well, what is it about?
Basically, it's about the stuff I cook. Yes, yet another vegan food blog. How am I different from other food blogs? Well:

1. I'm from Israel, so, sometimes my substitute products will be a little different than what's around in your supermarket but I'll always write in detail what this substitute is so you'll be able to find your local version. Also, weights and liquids are in the metric system *insert Pulp Fiction joke, the vegan version*

2. Ingredients: I hardly use ingredients that aren't vegan-basic (like, tofu, for example) or super-basic (like vegetables, spice mixes, spices etc.). I'm a penniless ex-student (just finished my B.A in biology) and the budget is too tight for anything too fancy. I usually cook legume + cereal + vegetable meals but I do have quite a few salad recipes and some cookies and cakes.

3. Quantities: More often than not I cook for an army. I put it in boxes and I freeze and defrost a box every time one box ends. This way one dish can last for up to two months (it's a personal record, no kidding here). It'll probably mean that this blog won't be updated too often but it also means that the amounts I'll give are a little overwhelming. So, maybe use my recipes for dinner parties or do as I do, but you have been warned.

I hope you'll enjoy this blog and the recipes in it, please don't hesitate to make comments and feedback on the recipes if anything went wrong. Maybe one day I'll try and gather an e-book of my recipes and it's very important for me that it'd would be a fail proof cookbook.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

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